We want your pet’s stay with us to be like a home away from home. We provide towels or blankets for all pets to sleep on. We feed quality Science Diet on your pet’s individual feeding schedule.

All dogs are taken into our spacious yard at least three times daily. You are allowed to bring any special foods, treats, bedding, or toys that you feel your pet may enjoy having while boarding.

For our feline guests, we have a spacious three-story cat condo. Cats can have playtime too, whether they just need some quality petting or a good game of tackle the yarn ball.

Exotic animals may board with us as well. Due to their special care requirements, all of their own daily supplies and a safe cage must be supplied by the owner. Some of our regular guests include guinea pigs, ferrets and birds. Boarding is done by reservation only so please call in advance to schedule your pet’s stay.

  • Our larger boarding runs are heated and cooled that measure 4x10 inside and 4x10 outside with a sliding "doggy-door" for the pets to go in and out. We have a large enclosed backyard for the pets to run while outside.